Dr. Funel presents the studies of the Cancer Pharmacology Lab at the EORTC-PAMM meeting 2015

The abstract “CYB5A emerges as a prognostic factor from –omics studies in pancreatic cancer, and preclinical studies in novel patient-derived experimental models unravel its role in the modulation of autophagy and oncogenic phenotypes” was presented by Dr. Niccola Funel at the 36th PAMM-EORTC Winter Meeting, Marseille, France, January 2015.

The EORTC Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanism Group (PAMM) focuses on applied research to translate basic/fundamental research discoveries in cancer biology into new drug discovery and development. PAMM provides a unique platform on the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics of drug effects, molecular mechanisms of anticancer agents, and drug-related molecular pathology. For these purposes the group stimulates the interaction between basic scientists and clinicians in order to perform translational research on the pharmacology and molecular mechanisms of anticancer agents in Europe. The group has extensive expertise in various disciplines of pharmacology and has developed standards for studies performed in conjunction with clinical trials equivalent to those of good laboratory practice.

For example in an article recently published in the European Journal of Cancer, the EORTC-PAMM discussed the use of pharmacogenetics in cancer treatment and clinical trials. The information provided by the PAMM study is extremely useful, because in today’s era of targeted therapies and personalized medicine, the individual characteristics of the patient and the tumor need to be taken into account. Pharmacogenetics can provide a bridge linking patient and tumor genetics with a rational way to prescribe efficacious treatment and lower toxicity on an individual patient basis.

Full article: EORTC PAMM Group outlines use of pharmacogenetics in cancer treatment and clinical trials

36th PAMM-EORTC Winter Meeting, Marseille