Dr. Giovannetti invited to give a talk at the AMC Oncology Seminar (OASIS) organized by Prof. J.P. Medema

On the 23rd of June, Dr. Elisa Giovannetti has been invited to give a seminar on “Genetic studies and novel preclinical models to improve therapeutic strategies in pancreatic cancer“.

Prof. Jan Paul Medema is heading the Laboratory of EXperimental Oncology and Radiobiology or LEXOR in the Academic Medical Center (AMC) of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His laboratory has developed several research lines that all focus on a central theme, which is the mechanisms of survival/cell death resistance of tumor cells against therapeutic interventions.

We recently started a fruitful collaboration with a member of the Medema’s lab, Dr. Maarten Bijlsma, on phosphoproteomics of pancreatic cancer (also in collaboration with Dr. Connie Jimenez, OPL, VUmc). This project has been selected for the “AIO-Alliantie grant”, as reported in the website of the OPL group: www.oncoproteomics.nl